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Basic Birthday Show   -   $200.00
Magitainment Magic Shows
Upgraded Birthday Show    -  $250.00     
Deluxe Birthday Show   -   $300.00
My general magic show is catered to families and small children. The show is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Lots of interaction, comedy, and amazing illusions with silks, bottles, sponge balls, linking rings, card tricks etc. done to background music.  
At Magitainment, Jim  provides his customers with high quality entertainment personalized for their events needs. Magitainment is always  professional, courteous, and efficient. The rates are very competitive amongst the top performers in the area and are subject to change. All shows booked will require a deposit.

NOW ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS! Now you can put down a deposit using a credit card.
Basically the same show but an illusion is added, "the chair suspension".( description- a board that is layed on top of two chairs. the board and one chair is taken away and the assistant appears to be suspended in midair.) Also included is balloon twisting . The balloons given are basic designs like dogs, swords, rabbits, flowers, etc. Beware that I am not responsible with care of balloons cause it can be a choking hazard to small children under 4yrs. of age.  An alternative souvenior is an origami Frog made from a playing card.
The Deluxe Show is the same as the Upgraded Show except for one added illusion- The GOLDFISH PRODUCTION. This illusion is a surprise gift for the birthday person. It includes two live goldfish, a fishbowl, and fish food that I will provide. The alternative is a magic kit given as a gift that Magitainment will provide. The package also includes balloon twisting for up to 40 kids at no extra cost along with the "chair suspension" all done with background music.
​Walk Around Magic  -   $200.00 PER HOUR
​  Walk around magic is basically strolling entertainment from group to group or table to table. It is most commonly used for restaurant type gigs or cocktail hours. It is also ideal at weddings, business meetings, and retail stores. The magic is up close and personal because the magic happens in the spectators hands. This is the type of entertainment Jim Maddex specializes in. You can see him perform walk around magic at his regular weekly and monthly performances at various locations. Typically he will perform at least 5 or 6 tricks and move on to the next group or table. It can last up to 10 to 20 minutes depending on how engaging the audience is. 

Stage Show  -  Rates will vary from show to show
The Stage Show is the full monty of shows. Its stage illusions and Stand up magic combined. This show requires an actual stage preferrably with curtains and a backstage with wings. A Stage can be provided for additional fee and it would include lighting and music and special effects. This would also require at least a one month notice for planning. It requires to see the location and stage that is provided and the electrical needs. The illusions in the show are portable and lightweight but needs preparation of least 60 min to 90 min. before show time. The illusions that can be provided are 

the dancing hanky
one man sawing in half illusion
box of stakes illusion
mini motorcycle or bicycle prodution
shadow box

Rates will range from $ 350.00 to $ 1500.00 depending on the illusions and time frame of show and stage rental fee if applicable. ($ 500.00 for stage rental).
Trade Shows and Special Presentations  -  Daily rates available 
   Trade Shows are what they say they are. Jim Maddex would draw traffic to the booth and would customize a presentation that would say something about the company or products and services they provide. Each presentation would be 10 to 15 minutes of entertaining magic that gives a message. The presentations would go back to back for as long as you need on the tradeshow floor. Jim has special techniques to draw a crowd in which he has lots of experience from street performing, retail stores, and tradeshows. 
   The fee is different from all other types of shows and would be a daily rate instead of an hourly rate because of the amount of time spent performing. There would be an additional  fee which would include travel expenses and meals and hotel stays if needed. 
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 The Different Type of Shows Available
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For an additional enhancement to any show I can do a magic lesson.

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